(Don't) Fence Me In

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We are inviting you to join us for a deeply regenerative and practical immersion in agricultural practice and living in Syntropy, through the modality of FENCE construction.

The art of fencing is a metaphor for life – and gives us the chance to explore ourselves, our relationship with the environment in an agricultural context, the colonisers impulse, the satisfying requirement of completion, creating boundaries, separation and the opportunities fence lines provide for growth.

If you are young (or young at heart) and find yourself wondering how to play your part in humans reconnecting to land and doing something practical working towards planetary wellbeing, then we can help!

(Don’t) Fence Me In is a 5 day immersion on an extraordinary 7800 HA property in western QLD (85km north east of Roma). You will be supported to practically learn the art of agricultural fencing in a small group mentored by skilled stewards, leaving a supportive legacy that will last for generations.

Along with gaining skills in the practicalities of fence construction, you will be invited to consider the metaphorical and syntropic principles underlying the deeper vision and purpose that underpins Soil2Soul.

If you

  • Want to understand the role that regenerative agriculture in planetary wellbeing;
  • Are fit, curious and adventurous;
  • Want to acquire wisdom doing and leave a real legacy;
  • Are looking for meaningful connection with the land, food production and wild ecosystems;

You will love this experience and we will be delighted to host you.


Your Hosts:

Nikki & Peter Thompson

Soil2Soul Logo Black

Your 5 day experience includes:


This is a unique and highly personalised experience offering an opportunity to connect to land, self and a greater purpose in syntropic ecology. You will have a fun and life-changing experience that connects you to a community of like minded humans with whom you can gather, continue the conversation and collaborate with in the future.

It isn’t right for everyone and we are okay with that.

But if you have read this far and are feeling called – please express your interest for our 2022 experience.