True connection is precious – it gives the ability to learn and grow. That’s what we love to offer here. The ability to share our story, our lives here with others who are interested. We don’t have a pitch or something to sell. We don’t want to convert you. We simply want to share our story, our passion because we believe in it. And we are always learning, integrating so it is continuing to emerge just as life does.

Over the decades here, farming practices have evolved. It has been a process of learning, adapting, and innovating. Utilising the knowledge and technologies available – doing some great things and making our share of mistakes. Learning more and more about natural systems and ourselves. Winning a few awards along the way.
Dealing with disasters that befall each of us when we take on the journey of humans, being humbled and awed each day but nature’s beauty and power.

Integrating coal seam gas production into the mix of what occurs in this space that we are honoured to steward and doing our part to help create deeper understanding between those different sectors whilst always placing the land at the centre.
Raising a family here, being part of the community.

Now firmly on the Regenerative Agricultural journey- working with the natural intelligence of the land, and all life here as we collaborate with each other. Producing food that nourishes you and the land in a cycle that is syntropic and generative.

Connecting with us can give you THAT connection. You can learn through our story how natural systems thrive and how that is the root of well-being for all. Whether it be from the beef we produce here or the shared experience of time in Nature, these are connections of thriving in a world that needs more of that.

You’ll also be able to keep an eye on anything we are offering here in the form of workshops, field days, or retreats.


Nikki Thompson is steeped in genuine wisdom, a result of a life committed to her own development and the synthesis of the work of so many others. Her perspectives always support Syntropy, making everyone and everything better.

Peter Thompson, as a steward of the land, demonstrates the kind of leadership most of our board rooms and political offices are missing. He sees the unseen, senses the emergent, and tends the land with love and care.

Christine McDougall, Syntropic World