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Some of these events have included field and demonstration days, retreats, multi-stakeholder development days, and tours.

We are excited by the connections and community that develop from these activities in the field and on farms and are also looking forward to sharing more in the future through an online community.

We share openly about our practices through our social media community, to our community email list and will be bringing more to this in the coming months.

By joining our community email list you will be the first to hear about upcoming events, as well as ways you can connect with our partnered businesses.

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In the decades we have been in this business, we have had the privilege of collaborating with some of Australia’s leading companies. You could say that we’ve “sifted the grain from the chaff” and now we’re offering you the opportunity to leverage our relationships with businesses that are improving our industry.

Whilst we are a family business, we have always been big collaborators. The idea of the stoic individual on the land battling nature is NOT the way we work. Rather than scaling up, our choice is to network and create hubs and systems of mutual support. The antithesis of lean and mean.

Over the years we have created deep connections with the businesses we work with locally preferring strong relationships to getting the best deal. We have rich relationships locally and also with large organisations that are part of how we can stay connected and alert to the ever-emergent changes in agriculture and land stewardship.

We are also passionate about being in connection with organisations involved in deeper systemic change in both agriculture and more broadly. Organisations looking at new models for a future that is truly collaborative and in service of all life.

And over the years we have created personal connections locally, nationally, and internationally. Connections are grown through shared values and common goals.

All these connections add to the thrivability of Soil2Soul and we are proud to walk hand in hand into the future.

Richard Heath, Australian Farm Institute
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Peter and Nikki have been great supporters of the AFI and we have always highly valued their input

The purpose if AFI is to build the evidence base for policy which advances Australian agriculture and Peter and Nikki’s scientific, pragmatic, and passionate understanding of agriculture is always a great source of information.

Richard Heath, Australian Farm Institute