At Soil2Soul everything we do is aimed at ensuring that farmers do not become an endangered species. It is vital that this expert agricultural knowledge remains on the land.

Peter Thompson

I’m passionate about agriculture and its valuable contribution to modern society. I believe in operating as a team in conjunction with our urban counterparts for the long-term financial and environmental health and well-being of Australia. I’m committed to seeing a fair and equitable integration of energy and agricultural production, that first and foremost, protects land and water for future generations.

I love machinery and technology and have a deep belief both are to enhance the human experience. I am in awe of soil and all that it is, that allows us as humans to have a healthy life and have “played” in it since I was a child!

Nikki Thompson

I am passionate about the power of human potential. Seeing people thrive and grow. Life is a process of being and becoming and we often fail to see our own unique gifts. I love helping others on that inner journey of exploration. You being fully YOU! Then working to be the best communicator you can be so that your gifts and those of others sing together.

I believe in the power of people working together for a common cause. I yearn to see this ‘people potential’ seeded and grown through Soil2Soul. People growing people while nurturing the planet and each other is my dream. Collectively creating a Syntropic Future.

emma king

I have a deep love for the land, the agricultural industry, working with animals, plants and soil and the connection with society today. My passion for health and wellbeing is fed by the belief that we are all connected to the land and it is my passion to find a way to help build that connection between it all.

I believe we can create a flourishing and prosperous future for our children and generations to come working as a whole not as individuals and connecting with the environment around us. Using historical learnings and observations, whilst looking at things with an open minded, constantly challenging what’s next.

Angus King

My passion is getting diverse ecosystems to heal, regenerate, rehydrate, and restore. I love being able to utilise a multitude of methods and learnings combined with livestock to make sure that we are all doing our bit for food production and a healthier way of life. I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and am always keen to learn more.