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Are you interested in stewarding in a better future for Australian agriculture, for personal & planetary wellbeing?

Working syntropically with land and life in service of wellbeing for all.


Are you interested in stewarding a better future for Australian agriculture, and for personal & planetary well-being?​

A message from one of our community members
Leanne Hardwick, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries QLD

“Peter and Nikki’s holistic approach to their business is fantastic. Their connection, passion, and care for the health of the land and their animals are a true reflection of the kind and passionate people that they are. I always enjoy going to Echo Hills to visit Peter, Nikki, and their team as they are so enthusiastic about the future of the industry and they always make you feel very welcome.”

Leanne Hardwick, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries QLD

Peter & Nikki Thompson are welcoming, visionary, caring and practical people who positively encourage those around them to question, think out of the box, unearth and follow through on new ideas. Their approach is holistic with one’s connection to their inner health and awareness of the natural and community landscapes surrounding them underpinning future evolvement.

They lead by example (developing new product like PeterpoinT and creating Soil2Soul). Their properties “Echo Hills and Nugget Hills” located Northeast of Roma offers a safe healing and learning environment that will leave you motivated and inspired. It has been a wonderful and enlightening journey knowing and engaging with Peter & Nikki over the years as we all strive to leave the world in a better place.

Craig and Meryl Eddie, BOOBOOK (Ecological Consulting & Ecotours)

"Technology and advancement is wonderful, but we can't lose sight of the old, grounded ways and their syntropic benefits for people, our produce and the Earth itself."

We're all about...

Experiential practical knowledge
Acknowledging and working with natural intelligence
Embracing technology and emerging innovation as part of how we function
Looking at new ways of living in connection with country/land

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